McKenney Home Care Presents Career Panel for Immokalee Foundation

Michele McKenney, Sandra Buxton, Immokalee FoundationMichele McKenney and Sandra Buxton together with a McKenney Home Care caregiver presented a career panel for the Immokalee Foundation on September 17th in Immokalee.  The purpose of the panel was to educate the high school students on career paths in healthcare and to highlight that hard work and tenacity in life are the real keys to achieving long term goals.  Elda I. Hernandez, Career Development Program Manager from the Immokalee Foundation commented:

“… thanks for a very successful first panel to kick off the school year.  The kids were enthusiastic, engaged and very attentive, all good signs.  Your message  and the road to your many successes echoed in their minds and hearts, making them realize that even if you aren’t from Immokalee the road is difficult for many of us. The group picture is great.  Again my sincere thanks and hopefully the beginning of a great partnership”
And when asked what they heard surprised them, some of the answers follow:
  •  “They went through a lot of obstacles to achieve their goals.
  •  “There is a broad range of health related careers.”
  • “Mrs. Buxton didn’t take school really seriously but got a second chance and got to do something she loves.”
  •  “I learned that baking soda could be used to put out a fire in a pan of bacon fat.”
  •  “That healthcare is like a service job. Your like a servant aiding people.”
  •  “That there are a lot more jobs in the health care field than I expected.  For example: a janitor, cook, etc.”
  •  “No one will care about what you do, unless you let them know you do.”