Maintaining Wellness

Obtaining and maintaining the best possible level of wellness starts with self-care not medical care.  We are primarily responsible for our own wellness,  it is well established that exercise, healthy weight and diet will not only resolve many health concerns, but also prevent disease.  A mistaken belief is that a doctor will solve all of an individual’s health problems. In most circumstances wellness starts with personal and lifestyle choices.  It is unreasonable to think that a trip to the gym or drinking bottled water can compensate for smoking or eating a high fat diet. Knowledge of  healthy choices aren’t new, but are deferred by many who use unsound rationalization in order to avoid changing their lifestyle.
Following the physician’s recommendations is also essential. Make and keep regularly scheduled checkups. Keep immunizations up to date. When talking with your doctor provide accurate information, don’t embellish your story or hold back  information. I have actually had clients express that they did not tell their doctor about symptoms they were experiencing feeling that it was the doctors job to “find” problems. Let’s face it,  as qualified as your physician may be they are unable to read your mind. Your health is a collaborative effort and the doctor cannot do more for you then you are willing to do for yourself.
Another important step in maintaining good health is to take prescriptions as directed. It will be assumed by your doctor that medication is being taken and is effective unless you tell them otherwise.   If you stop a medication or you feel that the medication is not working then notify the doctor. If you fail to do this,management of your medical problems will not be accurate. Maintain your health and wellness level starts with self-care, after all it’s really up to you.