A Focus on Falls

According to AARP 75 % of people, when asked want to stay in their homes as long as possible (see 2010 study).   Across the nation programs are being developed to enable people to achieve this goal.  The Blue Zone Project, started in 2004 by author Dan Beuttner is receiving traction in Naples, Florida due to the commitment of Dr. Allen Weiss, CEO of NCH Healthcare System and encourages healthy living to enable Aging in Place.  The Beacon Hill Village, a concept started by Sally Brewster in Beacon Hill Massachusetts is a grass roots solution to providing services to people who want to stay in their homes but need support in order to do so, is gaining popularity in many communities in the United States.
But did you know, the single biggest obstacle to staying at home is Falls, the number one call to EMT in Naples, Florida is a result of falls in the home.  Falls are bellwether events, after a fall nothing is the same, many falls lead to death, disability, fear and tremendous cost to families, both financially and emotionally.  They often are the event that ultimately pushes someone out of their home and into an assisted living facility regardless of the wishes of the individual.  A focus on falls will help people to stay longer and more safely in their homes.