International Men's Club of America hosts Alzheimer's Event

The local chapter of the International Men’s Club of America hosted an event on Alzheimer’s Disease. The Event was organized together with McKenney Home Care with special guest Dr. Frederick Schaerf, Principal Investigator of the Neuro Psychiatric Research Center of South West Florida. After an introduction by Jack Nicholson and presentations by Michele McKenney and Patrice Magrath, Dr. Schaerf gave an informative presentation on Alzheimer’s Disease, including the pathophysiology, prevalence and current research. The group was then treated to the movie Alive Inside, a documentary film following the work of Dan Cohen using Music as an effective and wonderful therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease. After the movie there was a lively Q&A session.
We thank Jack Nicholson and the International Men’s Club for raising awareness of this devastating disease and for including the McKenney Family and Dr. Schaerf in the event.