Washington Post Article highlights need for Healthcare Advocacy Program

A heartwrenching article published in the Washington Post on April 29th titled “Hospital discharge: It’s one of the most dangerous periods for patients” highlights the importance of enrollment in McKenney Concierge Healthcare Advocacy Program.  The article highlights how vulnerable a patient is upon leaving the hospital.  Bad coordination often leads to mistakes that can be fatal.  McKenney Home Care works together with a client’s physicians to ensure we have a complete medical history, including current medication list.  We stay with our clients while in the hospital, providing the hospital with a complete medical history and medication list and receive the discharge papers including any changes in the medication list. We work with the clients to ensure the new medications are integrated into their med management system, and that outdated medications are properly disposed and that their physicians are fully informed around the transition.  Please call us for more information on the program. 239-325-2273.