What time of day are home care services available?

Private Duty Home Care Services are available any time of the day. Services can be customized to meet your individual needs. Our compassionate, experienced caregivers are prepared to assist you from three hours a week to twenty four seven. Our RN will work with you and possibly your physician and family to determine what time of day you need home care services and what level care you need. Some people need a assistance in the morning and benefit to a huge degree from morning care. Morning Care includes having someone in your home to assist as you get up, showered, dressed and prepare breakfast. The caregiver can set the bed, arrange the appointments for the day and prepare lunch. Then the rest of the day is your own. Others appreciate having someone in their home for socialization or transportation mid day. They need a companion to assist with driving to appointments or to join them while doing the shopping and other outings. Others need evening home care services,they find they are tired after the day and need assistance with dinner and preparing for bed. Some people need home care services all day, all night or both. While we can also provide PRN or flexible services, it is important to remember that the more flexibility your require in your schedule, the more difficult it is for us to provide consistent caregivers. If you have a consistent schedule, it is much more likely that we will have a consistent, prepared caregiver to meet your needs.