Caregiver Satisfaction Survey Results

McKenney Home Care is proud to announce the results of a recent Caregiver Satisfaction Survey.  As our front line in the homes of our clients, it is important that we have clear communication with our Caregivers, their well being and satisfaction is vital to the effectiveness of our very personal service.  Our Caregivers are skilled and compassionate and are known for their dedication to clients as well as their overall competency.
We were delighted that approximately 50% of our Caregivers responded to the survey.  Those who responded showed a high degree of satisfaction and engagement with the Agency and their clients.  More than 89% agreed with the majority of statements provided, which included:

  • the Agency provides adequate training, feedback and support;
  • there is a sense of teamwork and cooperation within the Agency;
  • there are strong feelings of personal satisfaction with the job;
  • the Agency provides adequate systems to accomplish job;
  • Caregivers had confidence in Agency leadership and experienced low levels of job stress.

We are enormously proud of these results and of our Caregivers and will continue to work to provide the feedback, support, training and oversight that is important to our Caregivers.