"Skills Lab" open for Home Health Aides

In House Skills Lab for Home Health Aides.
Mckenney Home Care has announced the opening of an in house “Skills Lab” to provide higher level hands on training for their Home Health Aides and CNA’s.  The Clinical Program provides opportunities for Home Health Aides and CNA’s to apply theoretical concepts of nursing in a clinical setting.
Many Home Health Aides and CNA’s have studied the skills to work in home healthcare, or perhaps worked in a limited capacity as a Companion or unsupervised Aide.  The McKenney Home Care clinical training program provides the opportunity for Caregivers to further develop those skills using a life-like mannequin in a simulated home setting.  Aides work under the supervision of a Nurse before being assigned to a client’s home. The program, which is mandatory for McKenney Home Care Caregivers, will enhance the confidence and skills of each participating Caregiver.
With the aging population and the increased need for home healthcare workers, providing the opportunity to help committed home healthcare workers develop the skills and confidence they need to effectively care for clients in their homes fills a need in the community. See article on shortage of healthcare workers. 
The clinical program was developed by McKenney Home Care Chief Nursing Officer, Kate Cawthorne, RN, BSN, CCM.  It provides an overview of clinical skills needed to be effective with clients in their homes.  McKenney Home Care has also developed a service standard called ALET which focuses on the soft skills Caregivers need to effectively interact with clients and families.