Hip and Knee Replacement, Benefits of Home Recovery

The research is in, recovering at home after hip and knee replacement brings enormous benefit.  It also reduces various post-op risks such as infection, blood clots or worse.  Recovering at home, instead of going to a rehab facility, benefits individuals living alone as well as those with a partner in the home.  Additionally, the cost savings is enormous.  At least half of the cost of total joint replacement is incurred postoperative in the rehab facility.  Outpatient and in-home rehab is much less expensive.  The total costs can be reduced by more than $10,000 for home recovery with outcomes better or the same.  The exception to this would be persons with bilateral replacements or complicated health histories.  See Jane Brody’s full article here.
If you are planning to have a hip or knee replacement and want to recover at home, please plan in advance.  You might need a little assistance the first week in your home to ensure proper meals and hygiene.  Call McKenney Home Care if you would like to talk about some options.