Dr. Steven DeKosky in "Concussion"

Dr. Steven DeKosky is a member of McKenney  Home Care Medical Advisory Board.  We were delighted to seem  him portrayed in the movie “Concussion”, though we know him to be of different character than portrayed in the movie.  Portrayed by actor Eddie Marsan, he was referred to as “The Great DeKosky”  by Dr. Ron Hamilton a Neuropathologist and colleague.  DeKosky, a Behavioral Neurologist and Dementia expert was supposed to barely have time for Dr. Bennet Omalu or to look at Mike Webster’s brain.
In both real life and the movie DeKosky, a noted expert on Alzheimer’s Disease, saw exactly what Dr. Omalu saw, a pattern consistent with Dementia Pugilistica in a 50-year old male who had never been a boxer. On the basis of his interest Dr. DeKosky became the second author on the first papers with Dr. Omalu identifying Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE.   Both Omalu and DeKosky were subjected to  pressure, presumably from the NFL, to retract their findings and call it all a “big misunderstanding”. Both scientists understood the importance of the findings and were willing to endure the the derision by the NFL.
In an interview with Kristina Fiore of MedPage Today, Dr. DeKosky sets the record straight regarding his interactions with Dr. Omalu.  He said that he would never give a person  2-3 minutes to present their findings as depicted in the movie.  DeKosky referred to himself as “a talker” and from the interview its evident that he was excited with Omalu’s findings and was willing to lend his expertise and support to the research. Clearly, not the cold scientist portrayed in movie,  DeKosky’s MedPage interview offers insights into him as a person.
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