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Preparing for Chemo, Items to Remember

Fortunately we have advanced technologies to manage and cure cancer, however one of the most common protocols, Chemotherapy comes with an array of side effects.  While the procedure may only last a few hours, the side effects can last for days or weeks and can be extremely stressful.  Understanding the potential side effects in advance and having a plan for post treatment care is key to managing chemotherapy.
Post treatment fatigues is not uncommon and can hit suddenly even if you feel fine immediately after the session.  To ensure your safety and well being consider the following:

  1. Have someone to drive you to and from treatments. You might feel fine immediately after the session, but you could develop fatigue on the way home which could make driving dangerous.
  2. Keep your schedule clear in the hours after a session; this will give you time to get some rest and adjust to any side effects.
  3. Stock up on healthy foods in advance of treatments and be sure to keep plenty of fruits, vegetables, and high-protein snacks on hand.
  4. Planning meals and cooking in advance can also help, having healthy foods prepared and even frozen will reduce stress and conserve energy after the chemo sessions.

Unfortunately, trips to the emergency room for sudden sickness post chemo treatment are not uncommon. Having a bag packed with essentials in advance will help reduce stress should this become necessary. Pack things such as warm socks and slippers, at least two changes of underwear, pajamas, ear plugs, books and magazines, and a spare cell phone charger.
Chemo is never easy, but with some advanced planning, the experience can become a lot more comfortable. If you need assistance with daily tasks after treatment, remember we’re here to help. We can help aid you in everyday tasks while you recover.

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