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Signs that In Home Support is Needed

There may come a time when a family member needs assistance around the house. Often, a loved one will be in denial about needing any support, and it falls on his or her family and friends to look for warning signs that something is amiss.  Below are some warning signs that a loved one needs assistance at home.
• Experiencing regular feelings of loneliness and depression
• Becoming increasingly forgetful
• A noticeable decline in personal hygiene
• Not cleaning up after themselves like they once did
• Having difficulty walking and moving
• Experiencing unexplained bruising
• Having sudden changes in appetite
• A change in diet and not monitoring their nutrition
• Loss of interest in hobbies
• Beginning to shut themselves off from the world
• Reporting feeling angry quite often
• Missing appointments
• Unable to maintain a clean household
• Having difficulty keeping up with finances
• Becoming more secretive and paranoid
Any of these can be a sign that a loved one may need assistance at home. If you have concerns about someone in your life, or if you are having concerns about yourself, call us. We can have a consultation with you and come up with a plan that suits your individual needs.

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