Pittsburgh – Tied Study Links Intense Exercise with Parkinson’s Benefits

Intense aerobic exercise in the early stage of Parkinson’s disease can at least temporarily avoid the worsening of motor symptoms commonly associated with the affliction, according to a study that involved Pittsburgh researchers and participants.
The findings published in Monday’s JAMA Neurology suggest that new Parkinson’s patients can benefit from high-paced walking in the same way that they might from starting drugs to combat the disease. Other forms of exercise that push their heart rate toward its capacity may also postpone a decline in functioning, although more examination is needed of alternative forms of activity and how long the benefits last, the researchers noted.
“The earlier in the disease you intervene, the more likely it is you can prevent the progression of the disease,” said co-lead author Daniel Corcos, a Northwestern University professor of physical therapy and human movement sciences. “We delayed worsening of symptoms for six months. Whether we can prevent progression any longer than six months will require further study.” Read more here. 

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