Surprising Benefits of Caregiving

The topic of Caregiver stress receives much deserved discussion. Caregiving can be very difficult.  However, a recent survey by the National Opinion Research Center (2014) found that 83 percent of caregivers viewed it as being a positive experience providing important personal benefits. Below we highlight some of those benefits.
Sense of Duty. Caregivers feel they are satisfying a sense of duty and gratitude.  It is satisfying to give back to someone who has cared for them.  Doing one’s duty is important, however it does not mean that one will feel good all of the time.
Confidence in Care. Cargiving provides the satisfaction of knowing a loved one is getting excellent care.
Tradition of Care. Caregivers feel that they are passing on a tradition of care and that by modeling caregiving, their children will be more likely care for them if necessary. This can strengthen family bonds long term.
Personal Growth and a Sense of Purpose.  Caregiving can lead to personal growth and increased meaning and purpose in one’s life. Facing the tasks that come with caregiving often requires learning new skills and developing new levels of empathy and understanding.
Seeing the benefits that come with caregiving helps to balance the stress that comes with the role of a caregiver. It takes a strong will and a good support system to truly thrive in a caregiving environment. For those who are feeling burned out by caregiving duties, remember that reflecting on the benefits of the role is one way to relieve stress.

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