Ways to Stay Connected While Providing Care

When a family member needs assistance, communication among the caregivers is critical to the preservation of dignity and smooth functioning of the process. While it is most important for the person receiving care to understand what is going on (if possible) interested family members and caregivers need to be informed at various levels as well.  Physical distance and scheduling conflicts can make this hard for families to achieve. However, there are ways to stay in touch despite the distance.
Journals and records: Keeping a caregiver journal and writing down exactly when medications were given, or appointments made can help the next caregiver keep track of what previously occurred.
Cellphones: With modern cell phones, there are a variety of ways to communicate. Email, phone calls and text messages are standard tools in today’s world.
Video chats: Many devices have web cameras now. With programs such as FaceTime, you can connect and see someone instantly. This can be a great way for distant family members to have face-to-face communication.
Websites: There are websites developed specifically for caregivers that come with ready-made tools such as secured online shared calendars for meal delivery, visits and care specific notes that anyone in the caregiving circle can access.
With today’s technology, staying in touch and coordinating plans is easier than ever. Understanding the tools available and deciding which ones work best for your family can make the process go more smoothly than ever.

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