Highlights McKenney Home Care Caregiver Survey

Last week we surveyed our 96 Caregivers in an effort to understand what was important to them about their job and what qualities they felt were important for a Caregiver.  34% responded to the survey.  We are so proud of our Caregivers and the responses they provided to our questions.  They are the true heart and soul of McKenney Home Care.

  1. What do you like most about your work
    • 79% said that the satisfaction they get from Caring for Others was what they liked most about their job.
    • 12% liked the independence and flexibility of the work
  2. What do you like most about the Agency?
    1. 45% said that the people working at the Agency are kind and they understand and respect the workers
    2. 33% said the Agency was professional
  3. What is most challenging about your work?
    • 27% said that satisfying resistant and/or difficult clients
    • 21% said that often the Client’s family’s involvement was most challenging
    • 15% said that wanting to be a better caregiver was most challenging
  4. What is challenging about working in this Agency?
    • 45% said Nothing is challenging about working in this Agency
    • 24% said that short shifts, cancelled shifts and multiple clients was challenging
  5. What qualifications or experience do new Caregivers need? 
    • 27% said empathy, caring, honesty and good communication skills
    • 21% said that they should be professional, punctual and proactive
    • 24% said they should have HHA, CNA certificates and experience caring for the elderly
  6. How would you describe an ideal candidate for the job?
    • 64% said that they needed to be kind, caring and have a passion for their clients
    • 15% said they needed to be licensed, experienced and knowledgeable
  7. What would you say to a potential job candidate about this job or Agency?
    • 70% said the Agency is professional, polite and caring toward employees
    • 18% said you must care about your clients.

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