Ways to Support a Family Caregiver

Family caregivers fill an important role. Their job is time consuming, stressful and limits time for their own social interactions.  Their needs for socialization however remain strong.
Here are some ways you can support a family caregiver.
• Listen: Let them know that you are there if they need someone to talk to.  Caregivers need someone to listen to their frustrations or talk about their concerns. Listen attentively and let them know they are being heard. You don’t have to help them solve the problem, but you do need to validate their feelings.
• Observe: Keep track of the caregiver and see if there are any noticeable signs of neglect or stress. This way, you can know when to ask them if they need help.
• Offer your time: Time can be the best gift a caregiver receives. This can range from watching the person they are caring for so they can catch their breath for a while to helping with errands the caregiver might not be able to get to.
• Ask: If you are unsure what to do for the caregiver, just ask. They will let you know if they need your help in that moment.
Caregiving is a tough job, it makes a world of difference for the caregiver have an active and reliable support system.

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