Stop Elder Abuse: Prevention Tips

Seniors are one of the most vulnerable population groups in our society. The National Committee for The Prevention Of Elder Abuse states about five percent of seniors have suffered abuse. With the population of seniors expected to get bigger in the coming years, this is an issue that needs to be discussed. Below are some general tips to help prevent elder abuse.
• Stay in touch with elders: This can help you keep track of potential signs of trouble.
• Avoid isolating elders: Isolation can increase the odds of neglect or abuse. Forced social isolation in and of itself can be considered a form of abuse.
• Thoroughly screen anyone who lives with the senior: Do not let them live with someone who has a known history of abuse.
• Beware of caregivers who have financial troubles: These people may manipulate an elder. Try to weed out anyone who’s in a situation that may drive them to such actions.
• Keep elders active: Being active can help prolong life and decreases the chances of being vulnerable to abuse.
• Look for potential signs of abuse: These may include unexplained bruises and cuts, changes in personality of the senior, and signs of aggression from family members or caregivers.
Elder abuse is a serious topic, but one that needs to be discussed. If you believe you know someone who is a victim of abuse, encourage them to talk about their experiences and set about rectifying the issue.

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