Kidney Stones on The Rise in Women: What To Know

Kidney stones are deposits of minerals and acid salts that have stuck together to form a mass. It’s usually found in concentrated urine. The most common symptom is severe abdominal pain. Research is finding that kidney stones are becoming more common, especially women.
A recent study examined the medical records of 7,200 residents of Olmsted County Minnesota, who were diagnosed with kidney stones for the first time between 1984 and 2012. They found that kidney stone incidence rose two-fold among men and fourfold among women in that time period. Women age 18 to 39 saw the biggest jump.
Part of the increase can be attributed to better diagnostic tools catching kidney stones that may have gone unnoticed years ago. However, researchers point the finger mainly towards dietary reasons. Particularly diets high in salt and processed foods. Researchers recommend people drink more water and cut back on salty and sugary food and drink.
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