Care Package Ideas for Seniors

Most people like unexpected gifts. This is especially true for seniors who may live far away. Part of what makes a care package special is the thought that’s put into it. They can be as personal as you want. Here are some ideas to help get you started.

  • Moisturizers and lotion can be especially helpful for seniors. Dry skin requires more attention as we age.
  • Pack some of their favorite snacks.
  • Puzzle books are also good to pack.
  • Seasonal decorations can be a great way to help spice up your loved one’s space.
  • DVD’s of old shows can make for a nice night of entertainment.
  • Personal notes can also make it feel more special.
  • Updated photos of you and your family can help the person feel included.
  • Gift cards to the receiver’s favorite restaurant can be a nice gesture.

In the end, make it personal. Put things in that serve as mementos of past events or memories. Your loved one will really appreciate the thought put into your care package.

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