Tips for Stress Management

Stress is our body’s response to certain stimuli. It helps us take decisive action and avoid danger. However, too much of it is harmful. It can lead to hair loss, elevated blood pressure, headaches, and other more serious health issues. Here are some ways to help manage stress.

  • Exercise: Any form of physical activity helps relieve stress. Activity releases feel-good hormones into the body which can help counteract stress-enhancing ones.
  • Eat well: Good nutrition helps the body fight off the effects of stress.
  • Get good sleep: Getting recommended amounts of sleep can help reduce stress as it allows the body and mind to properly reset.
  • Don’t rely on crutches such as drugs or alcohol: These can make stress worse in the long run.
  • Get creative: Engaging in arts and crafts can help relieve stress.

For those who have severe stress issues, seeing a counselor may be a good option. They can help get to the root of the stress and help come up with strategies for combating it.

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