Benefit of Social Circles

Good friends have always been golden, and as we age, those friendships may become even more important. Friends aren’t just for social activities and glitz of life. They can also improve health, boost sense of well-being, and even help us to live longer.
Research has shown that seniors who maintain an active social circle were some of the happiest and healthiest of their age group, and they live longer than those who become isolated. Your friends and loved ones often help you deal with life’s daily stresses and motivate you to lead a healthier lifestyle.
When it comes to building a social circle, find people who are supportive and share the same interests. Here are a few suggestions for staying connected with friends:
• Join a group or club
• Look for volunteer opportunities
• Take a class
• Join a fitness center
• Spend more time with family
• Learn a new technology
• Get a part-time job

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