Just Pull Up A Chair!

Exercise comes in many forms and varieties, including chair exercises. Chair exercises are excellent for seniors who are frail, at risk of falling, or are wheelchair-bound.
Here are a few simple exercises you can do using a sturdy, straight-back chair. The chair shouldn’t have arms, fold, roll, slide or be unsteady.

  1. Seated March: Lift alternate legs about 2 inches from the floor at a speed that is comfortable for you. This exercise helps improve walking.
  2. Toe Taps: Tap your toes up and down at a speed that is comfortable to you. This exercise will strengthen the muscles in front and rear of your legs.
  3. Shoulder Rolls: sitting tall in the chair, shrug both shoulder up toward your ears and slowly route them back down, rotating the should towards the front and around to the back. This movement loosens the shoulder joints, which is essential to lifting objects.

Remember before embarking on an exercise regimen to consult with your doctor. You don’t need fancy equipment to exercise. Just pull up a chair!

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