Removing Exercise Barriers

Today, about half of all American adults – 117 million people – have one or more preventable chronic disease. Seven out the ten most common diseases are influenced by regular physical activity. Yet nearly 80% of adults are not meeting the physical fitness guidelines.[1]

The good news is that regular physical activity can help prevent and may improve chronic conditions.  Barriers to physical activity can be small or large. If you are not active, most likely there is at least one barrier or reason why.

Have you thought about what is keeping you from being active? Here are some of solutions to the most common barriers to physical activity.

Not enough time in the day to exercise
• Try to create a 30-minute slot of time or even (2) 15 minutes slots.

I’ve never been active
• You maybe more active than you realize.  Housekeeping and mowing the lawn counts towards daily activity.

Are you too tired after work?
• May be take a brisk walk during lunch breaks a few days a week.

Afraid of getting sore muscles?
• Start slow and enjoy.  

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