What to consider when choosing Care for your Loved One

When deciding who to hire for in home care in Florida, a licensed, accredited Home Health Agency is the best way to ensure Privacy, Security, Consistency and Knowledgeable, Compassionate Care.

Home Health Agencies hire their own W-2 employees who are scheduled to care for clients under the management and supervision of a licensed Registered Nurse. The Agency is responsible for workers compensation and all employer taxes. Agencies carry general liability insurance and a dishonesty bond. Agencies assure that the employee has the right to work in the US, is free of communicable diseases, has the requisite training to perform services and has a background free of criminal offenses. The Agency is responsible for all risks associated with work performed by the employee.

Nurse Registries on the other hand arrange for services of home care workers on an independent contractor basis. The workers are directed to care for clients, they are not employed by or supervised by the company. The registry is not responsible for workmen’s compensation or other employer taxes. Clients have exposure to risk when they employ individuals from a Nurse Registry and it is unclear exactly who the employer is, in fact the client may be responsible for all taxes and liability of the caregiver.

Hiring a caregiver independently through an online service presents the same and even greater risks than hiring a Nurse Registry.

When in need of care for yourself or a loved one in Florida, be certain to hire a licensed, accredited Agency.  McKenney Home Care has been licensed by the ACHA and accredited by ACHC for over ten years.  As a family owned Agency we provide a standard of care we would expect for our own families.