Put the "Rise and Shine" back in your morning.

Mornings can sometimes present a challenge, with changing routines and responsibilities it can be hard to get the morning off to an organized and happy efficient start.  There at times when a little assistance and a cheerful smile can go a long way to making your morning routine fun again!  McKenney Home Care will send a well trained professional to your home to help you in the morning.    Give “Rise and shine” a little boost!  Let us help you with your morning routine, whatever that might be.

  • Set up breakfast 
  • Medication reminders
  • Assistance with shower and dressing for the day
  • Making the bed
  • Starting or finishing laundry
  • Reviewing calendar for the day/week
  • A look at the news
  • Sorting paperwork and making phone calls
  • A ride to morning appointments
  • Errands
  • Setting up lunch or dinner