In Home Memory Screening

Have you noticed a loss of short term memory? Do you have concerns that you might have some form of cognitive impairment? Loss of memory can be a sign of Dementia including Alzheimer’s Disease, but not always.  Your memory issues could be due to aging, medication or even depression.  McKenney Home Care is now providing Professional in Home Memory Screening to help you get a baseline and to better understand your memory issues.
Angel Duncan has partnered with McKenney Home Care to provide In Home Memory Screening.  Angel is a Ph.D. Candidate working towards her doctorate in Psychology with a focus in Gerontology. She has an extensive background in marriage and family therapy, art therapy, teaching and research. Angel has been involved in clinical research trials in Alzheimer’s disease, medical and psychiatric disorders coming from Stanford University and the University of California- San Francisco.
Please contact McKenney Home Care if you would like to schedule a private, In Home Memory Screen for yourself or a loved one.
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