McKenney Home Care provides personal care in clients’ homes allowing them to live comfortably and independently.  We take a holistic, approach, ensuring individualized and appropriate services are provided. To fully understand client needs, a free initial home assessment is done by a Registered Nurse who develops a plan of care with the client, the family and any other significant caregivers. A minimum of three hours is required, care is available 24/7 and Live-In is available where appropriate.  Staffing options include the following:

Home Health Aid/Certified Nursing Assistant

It is shown that in-home health care is significant in reducing hospital readmission rates and ensuring appropriate transitions in care.

Our trained Home Health Aids and Certified Nursing Assistants provide assistance with the following

  • Bathing, Grooming and Hygiene –  For individuals with physical or cognitive impairments or who might fear falling while bathing, assistance maintaining a bath-time routine can postpone future decline and disability.  We assist clients with their personal care routines so they can look and feel their best every day.
  • Mobility – Getting out and about offers physical and mental benefits to clients.  But getting about can be difficult for those with mobility issues.  We can assist with ambulation, transferring, positioning, lifting, performing range of motion exercises etc.
  • Nutrition and Hydration  – Maintaining proper nutrition is critical to quality of life, however for those that have difficulty feeding themselves, or have problems with cutting, chewing and digestion or difficulty tasting and smelling, eating can become a chore.  A little daily assistance with eating and drinking can make a vast improvement to the well being of an individual .
  • Toileting and Incontinence Care – The embarrassment that goes along with the need for toileting or incontinence care cannot be overstated.  But gentle, sensitive assistance can prevent skin infections, unpleasant odors and other dangerous complications.  Allowing a person to maintain their dignity and sense of privacy is critical to successful care.
  • Assistive Devices – Improper use of assistive devices can be a danger.  Assistance with walkers, wheelchairs and other devices can go a long way to helping an individual maintain mobility and independence.
  • Data Gathering – Supporting physicians in monitoring a persons condition can include temperature, pulse, blood pressure, measuring oral intake, urinary output etc.

Each of our caregivers is compliant with the following

  • Provides care to the assigned patient(s) under the direction of appropriate clinical supervision.
  • Maintain accurate, complete records regarding patient care including charts, nursing care plans, and evaluation as a regular part of patient care.
  • Cooperate with health care personnel and/or the family to provide continuity of patient care.
  • Maintains a current certificate as appropriate for the level of care.
  • Shows evidence of approved continuing education
  • Ensures confidentiality with regard to the Client/Patient and adheres to the standards established by McKenney Home Care
  • Maintains current CPR and annual TB testing per company policy
  • Adheres to the standards established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (O.S.H.A.)