LPNs and Registered Nurses

Our Nurses provide skilled private nursing care to the assigned patient(s) under the direction of appropriate clinical supervision.  We can provide a skilled nurse to assist while in a facility, at home post surgery or during critical times when higher level monitoring and care are needed.  For those who are prone to infection or uncomfortable in a congregate setting, we are able to provide around the clock nursing/aid care to enable a client to recuperate at home rather than in a facility. We are flexible and will create a plan of care based upon the client’s needs and desire.

  •  Medication Reconciliation
  • Periodic Medication Set-up
  • Medication Administration/injections
  • Health monitoring/assessments
  • Post Op Care
  • Catheters
  • Dressing Changes/Wound Care
  • Glucose Monitoring
  • Medication teaching
  • Therapeutic diet teaching
  • Medical equipment monitoring
  • and more

Each of our Nurses is compliant with the following:

  • Provides skilled nursing care to the assigned patient(s) under the direction of appropriate clinical supervision.
  • Maintain accurate, complete records regarding patient care including charts, nursing care plans, and evaluation as a regular part of patient care.
  • Cooperate with health care personnel and/or the family to provide continuity of patient care.
  • Maintains a current license or certificate as appropriate for the level of care.
  • Adhere to current health practices in evaluation, observation, and application of nursing skills.
  • Perform nursing care within the guidelines of the Florida State Board of Nursing.
  • Ensures confidentiality with regard to the Client/Patient and adheres to the standards established by McKenney Home Care
  • Maintains current CPR and annual TB testing per company policy
  • Adheres to the standards established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (O.S.H.A.)