Transitioning a loved one to an Assisted Living Facility or a Memory Care Unit can be traumatic.  Most likely, if someone is moving to a facility, there are advanced cognitive or health related issues which compounds the stress of moving.

We have provided extra support to clients transitioning to facilities over the years. The families and the facilities consistently comment on how much the transition support aided the success of the transition. Negative feelings that can be relieved are as follows:

  • Abandonment – Often people feel abandoned when left alone for the first time in a new room
  • Fear – Nighttime can be frightening in a new room, some clients are unable to find the bathroom at night for a few days
  • Embarrassment – It is very easy to get lost in a facility during the first few days even being unable to find the breakfast room in the morning
  • Anxiety – The compounded negative emotions can result in unnecessary anxiety and an overall sense of not being safe.

It is extremely important to have the individual integrate into the routine and support system provided by the facility as soon as possible.  Having a caring private aide work one on one with the client during the first week can ease the transition, reduces stress and confusion and facilitate the integration into facility life.

Getting off to a good start during the transition phase will ensure a positive long term experience for the individual, their family and the facility!

Please call McKenney Home Care if you would like to talk about assistance for a loved one during a transition to a new facility.